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The Hamburger Mattenfilter

Translation Comments

In the year 2002 i started my personal website in German. One article was about the Hamburger Mattenfilter, a fishkeeping filter quite popular in Germany. The web server logs displayed that a lot of non German speakers accessed this article. Therefore i decided to create an English translation which you are reading now. ;-)
What is the meaning of  Hamburger Mattenfilter? Hamburg is a city in Germany and Matten is mat in Englisch. So a translation is mat filter invented in the city Hamburg.


A filter type which has become more and more popular in Germany is the Hamburger Mattenfilter. This kind of filter is a biological slow filter. Dirt is thus mineralized and removed by water change. Central part of the Mattenfilter is a plastic mat. The mat in the displayed aquarium has a 12 l volume. Compare this value with a commercial filter volume!

The tank depicted in this article is used as quarantine-/ upbringing aquarium. Especially for young fishes it's not possible to use a powerful internal filter, because they would end in the filter. On the other hand young fishes should get as much feed as possible, which requires a powerful filter. Therefore for this tank a Mattenfilter is used.

More about the Mattenfilter can be found for example in English at the translated page of Olaf Deters, in German at Martin Widmer or Olaf Deters.

Hamburger Mattenfilter/ VorderansichtThe assembly of a Mattenfilter is very simple. It consists of two parts: A pump and a mat. The mat is available in a fishkeeping store and is trimmed to fit. The leftover might be used as distance pieces (see last picture), so that the mat has a gap with the glass pane to ensure a equal water flow.
Hamburger Mattenfilter/ MammutpumpeI like to use such mammoth pumps.
Hammburger Mattenfilter/ R├╝ckschlagventil If compressed air is used, then always such a non-return valve should be used. Otherwise water can leak if the pump fails.   
Hamburger Mattenfilter/ R├╝ckansichtThe rear side: Below are the distance pieces which define a small gap between mat and glass pane. The intensive blue colour of the new mat will vanish in time. It will become brown. Some people plant the mat with java fern.














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